VS201-CMN – Verification Fundamentals

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ObjectivesTargeted AudiencePrerequisitesContent SummaryConditionsDurationCertificate

Acquire fundation skills for verification:

    • Know what is verification
    • Have notions of verification planning and processes
    • Have basic TCL scripting compentences
    • Be able to work on projects using AMBA buses

Students of the Verification School program

    • General hardware design and architecture knowledge
    • Some notions on test and verification
    • General project management know-how

Common courses for all Verification School (VS) modules:

  • Introduction to Verification
  • Debug Methodology to gain in productivity
  • Verifier’s guide to On-Chip Buses, Interconnects and External I/Os
  • Makefile and Scripting with TCL

    • Course openned within 1 to 3 months prior to start
    • Subject to validation of the prerequisites and objectives survey
    • Learners should have legal and valid accesses to one of the following simulators from their employers:
      • SIEMENS Questa
      • CADENCE Xcelium
    • English Level B2 minimum

Online Content Time 14h
Est. Indep. Learning Time 14h
Workshop time 14h
Live Integratin Time 4.5h
Est. Prep. Time 60min
Checkpoint Time 0min

A certificate of success will be delivered after completion of 60% of the labs and a score of 60% on the final checkpoint

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