VS202-VPM – Verification Project Management (VPlan)

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Be able to define a verification strategy:

    • Know the main aspects of verification projects
    • Be able to define verification objectives, metrics and activities
    • Be able to develop a verification plan at IP and at SoC level
    • Be able to define KPIs and track a verification project progress

This training is targeting verification engineers willing to acquire verification plan skills and verification project overview.
This training is recommanded to any verification engineer who needs to get hands on Verification Plans and verification project tracking, as well as to design engineers moving to responsibilities in verification projects and verification planning.

    • Students registered to this course should have the following prerequisites
      • General engineering background in hardware design and SoC architecture
      • Be involved in a hardware design and/or a verification project
      • Some notions of test and verification
      • General Project Management Know-How
    • Access to a simulation tool (Cadence Xcelium, Siemens Questa, Synopsys VCS) with a waveform viewer and coverage features
    • English B2

    • Verification as a process
    • The different types of verification strateges and approaches
    • Verification Project Reporting using Metrics and Coverage
    • Build a Verification Plan


    • Course openned within 1 to 3 months prior to start
    • Subject to validation of the prerequisites and objectives survey
    • Learners should have legal and valid accesses to one of the following simulators from their employers:
      • SIEMENS Questa
      • CADENCE Xcelium
    • English Level B2 minimum

Online Content Time 14h
Est. Indep. Learning Time 14h
Workshop time 7h
Live Integratin Time 4.5h
Est. Prep. Time 45min
Checkpoint Time 30min

A certificate of success will be delivered after completion of 60% of the labs and a score of 60% on the final checkpoint

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