TM103: SVA for Designers

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Be able to use SVA assertions as part of the RTL design process

    • Be able to check design intent using SVA
    • Know the different types of assertions
    • Be able to use immediate (boolean) assertions within the code
    • Be able to use concurrent assertions to check time consuming events

Design Engineers willing to add assertions to improve their productivity

    • Designers with RTL experience in Verilog
      • Be able to write Verilog RTL designs
      • Basic notions of C Programming
    • English B2

    • Introduction to Assertions
    • Design Assertions vs Functional Assertions
    • The different types of SystemVerilog Assertions  
    • The main SystemVerilog assertions operators
    • Simulation vs Formal
    • Using a formal tool to verify simple assertions

Course openned within 1 to 3 months to organisations, starting from a group of 3 minium.

Subject to validation of the prerequisites and objectives.

Learners should have legal and valid accesses to one of the following EDA tools from their employers:

    • SIEMENS Questa
    • CADENCE Xcelium
    • (Synopsys VCS support planned in Q3-2024 – contact us if more urgent)

and to the formal verification tool:

    • CADENCE Jasper
    • SIEMENS Questa Formal (planned in Q4-2024 – contact us if more urgent)

Online Content Time 7h
Est. Indep. Learning Time 7h
Workshop time 7h
Live Integratin Time 3h
Est. Prep. Time 30min
Checkpoint Time 30min

A certificate of success will be delivered after completion of 60% of the labs and a score of 60% on the final checkpoint

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